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Application Instruction and Template Empty Application Instruction and Template

6th April 2020, 10:28
Good morning ^.^

In order to apply, please create a new topic in "applications" and copy paste the form below with your respective information. If you need help don't hesitate to ask someone ^.^

  1. In-Game Ruler Name:
  2. Nation Link:
  3. Previous Alliances and reason for leaving (leave this empty if you are new to the game ^.^)
  4. Do you have any unpaid debts to other players or alliances?
  5. Where did you hear from us? (this is just so we know how we can reach players like you better)

After Posting this we will ask you further questions and give you further information, so please check your thread regularly. If we don't respond within the next 24 hours don't hesitate to message someone from our government ^.^

In the meantime, please apply to us in-game and join our discord if you haven't already

Thank you for your time ^.^

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